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      London EC1Y 8PP

      United Kingdom

    • Alick Sethi

      +36 20 288 3457

      +44 79 7010 8821

      Archana Shivhare

      +91 98195 26386

    • Skype: retoxdoctor

  • about

  • The perfect marriage of sound and vision.


    Retox loves music from anyone with a pioneering spirit and DIY attitude.  We share our discoveries with creative people in all disciplines of film and other visual media. Retox considers music supervision to be about what enhances the overall story and perfects a great visual piece of work.


    Retox’s catalogue encompasses many styles, as well as pieces that are best described as unclassifiable. We also offer bespoke music from our selection of talented composers.  We do not want to limit ourselves to any one discipline – our work encompasses TV, radio, online, film, as well as large commercial space and sound projects with interior designers and architects. Our input is as cutting-edge as you dare us to go.


    Retox Clinic has a real-life doctor at its helm – albeit a doctor of chemistry… However, after qualifying with a PhD, I soon realised that the chemistry of music interests me more.


    For eight years I hosted and produced The Electric Cafe, a weekly radio show that was broadcast nationwide – it gave exposure to music and artists that wouldn’t normally get heard on the airwaves. The Electric Cafe was designed to be open and accessible, showcasing music from any genre or style.


    Today I support creative people by sharing new musical delights with the best minds in visual media. I have worked all over Europe, USA and South America – and our network of label and creative contacts is constantly growing and developing.